A Welcome Note from Founder

I am super excited to introduce EPRIVO, finally. EPRIVO is a BlueRISC brand and is the company’s first product in the consumer space that we worked on for several years. It brings user-friendly solutions to meet consumers’ privacy needs in the cloud. Private email account service is our top priority at this point but we have efforts ongoing that are complementary.

It is extremely difficult to make and keep emails private.  Conventional emails are stored by multiple providers in the cloud as part of the delivery protocol and are also controlled ultimately by the recipients. Monetization by vendors drives for data-mining in the cloud, etc. Cyber threats, insiders, consumers’ (senders and recipients) security habits, and hidden software vulnerabilities add further to this list. Clearly the factors are socio-technological.

What makes EPRIVO Private Email Unique?

The EPRIVO Private Email Account solution provides the following unique benefits:

  1. Works with your existing email address. This provides a much-needed healthy separation between security and hosting providers.
  2. Supports voice-based (for the first time) and text-based emails.
  3. Achieves long-term privacy that is independent of any individual provider’s promises through physical email security, and is independent of digital security trust alone (however strong that may be).
  4. To some degree, it allows for users’ often sloppy email security habits and for future unknowns in technology.
  5. Integrates with all platforms/devices and supports both email-client software and web-based email access. It moves usability to the front and takes the burden of security management away from consumers.
  6. Allows sender-controlled email privacy – where senders maintain and control privacy for each private email sent for the entire lifetime of emails in both the cloud as well as recipient devices.
  7. Targets every-day users and is great for both men and women’s email privacy.
  8. Represents a very low-cost business model to reach anyone worldwide using private email without any need for additional charges to the user to sustain the approach. EPRIVO does not store private emails and has its revenue from recurring service fees rather than advertisement. It also offers free private email trial with ways to maintain a free private email account.

Private Email with Physical Separation

EPRIVO Private Email Service achieves long-term privacy that is independent of any individual provider, by using physical separation in addition to digital security (encryption and authentication) approaches. The physical separation enables unique security guarantees when the service is used with government-grade digital security. Physical separation, achieved through third-party email accounts (referred to as email carriers) and cloud-storage providers, allows seamless secret-sharing, key management and unique digital security implementations for authentication and privacy management, which is all enacted in a way that is transparent to the end-user.

Secondly, even if one or more of your email passwords get compromised or someone breaks into one of the carriers, your email privacy remains unaffected. Any email/cloud carrier or storage provider that is utilized as part of the solution would not alone have enough information to compromise the privacy of users’ private emails. In fact, with multiple carriers/providers involved, EPRIVO private email does not fully exist anywhere except in the users’ devices.

Transparent Encrypted Email on All Platforms

After years of conceptual refinement, EPRIVO has developed a private email application that provides a bridge to third-party email clients and also allows each email sent to be uniquely featured for privacy. This Private Email application operates on mobile devices such as iPhones/iPads and Android phones and tablets, as well as on macOS and Windows platforms. The approach is seamless, integrates with the EPRIVO secure cloud services, and no key management or other complications are presented to the user. This user-friendliness is very appealing, especially after consumers ultimately shunned other clever email security approaches (such as PGP public-key cryptography and other encryption-only methods) due to the stringent requirements and complexity involved.

Sender-Controlled Private Email with Voice and Text

EPRIVO introduces sender-controlled private email. This most visibly innovative feature set prevents the leakage of sensitive information in a recipient’s device or through their compromised providers. Features include recall, one-time view, a delete option, time-based expiration, privatized sender and subject lines, and completely privatized metadata, etc. Although each private email requires service authentication to ensure authenticity and authorize access per sender rules, all this happens transparently. EPRIVO is also the first to introduce private email with voice, in addition to text-based private email. The latest authentication protocols and multi-factor authentication as well as Touch ID/Face ID-based access control are all employed. EPRIVO also enables privatization of old emails.

Private Email with Separation between Security and Hosting

Finally, EPRIVO does not store any private emails. Instead, EPRIVO shuffles emails through the users’ own carriers using clever algorithms so that it never needs to store them.

Affordable with Free Private Email Account

EPRIVO manages private email account service and access worldwide with no need to maintain (or pay for) the worldwide data centers usually required. It offers a free trial period for a private email account. Beta testers and US Veterans can enjoy free service.

I welcome you to read our blog articles for additional details. And, please try out EPRIVO.

Dr. Csaba Andras Moritz
Founder and Chairman
Professor UMass Amherst