Protect your identity online. Use privacy-monitored, authenticated, virtual email addresses for each of your online registration accounts such as e-commerce, news, travel, entertainment, etc. Includes free 14-day trial period.

Email-based registrations are necessary for any activity online today. The main source of cyber compromise and identity theft today is when you sign-up online on websites. They can sell your information or they get compromised and leak it. Even large brands are often compromised. This results in attackers targeting you with phishing, spam and even ransomware emails.

EPRIVO Private Identity Guard is a new privacy concept built to protect your identity when you book a travel, purchase something online or sign up for a newsletter. It is based on monitored virtual addresses with cryptographic authentication, privacy enforcement and confidentiality, and associated privacy service. It is super easy to get going. Simply, use an EPRIVO app-generated virtual address instead of your regular contact email when you sign up for any online service. You can also update your existing accounts to use virtual addresses. The app/service monitors each virtual address shielding your contact email from compromise.

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Add privacy to any online registrationAdd privacy to any online registration

Use virtual addresses to register on websites online. Virtual addresses are privacy-focused and super-easy to create in the app with a single click. They do not need separate passwords. A unique virtual address per registered account or domain is recommended. You can have 30 monitored domains with unique virtual addresses active at the same time.

Monitor privacy for each domainMonitor privacy for each domain

Emails received on your virtual addresses are locally monitored in the app, and are only forwarded to your actual contact email address if they are from authorized domains and they pass authentication and security checks. Suspected privacy leakage is reported in the app. Dangerous emails are filtered and you can disable a virtual address and use a new one for any account anytime. You will know which registrations and transactions leak privacy, fail authentication, or involve malicious attacks. You may avoid using those websites in the future as they failed to protect your information.

EPRIVO service does not have access to emails. An email received on a virtual address is stored encrypted on the EPRIVO service temporarily with zero-knowledge encryption. Decryption happens in the app and only you can read decrypted emails.

Add privacy to any online registration
Use generated virtual address to register
Privacy monitored on all your e-commerce/online activities
Alerts if an email is from an unauthorized sender
Pioneering privacy management
Archive & disable a virtual address anytime