A new paradigm for encrypted private collaboration that tightly integrates with private email – ideal for employees working remotely and consumers. This concept enables a unified view across collaboration and email, while adding privacy controls and encryption. Organize and secure your work and personal interactions with Activities and Privacy Circles. Add members (EPRIVO or non-EPRIVO) to an Activity to collaborate privately via email. Collaboration messages can also be seen as email conversations. Information/resources exchanged can be encrypted and privacy controls added. Recall sent encrypted messages anytime to make them vanish. EPRIVO service comes with a free trial period – no purchase necessary. Easily maintain free service after trial.

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Much more than encryption

Create activities for interactions

Activities and privacy circles

Create activities for interactions and organize them with privacy circles. Add members (EPRIVO or non-EPRIVO) to collaborate privately.

Send encrypted messages

Encrypted Messages

Send encrypted messages, add/track milestones in an activity, share encrypted files and much more.

Set privacy controls per message


No-Forwarding, One-Time-View, Expiration, Subject/Sender/Metadata privacy. Recall sent private messages anytime to make them vanish.

Organize and protect work/personal interactions
Create privacy circles of types work and leisure
Send as regular/private message with controls
Add and track milestones in an activity
Switch to private email mode to view as email conversation