Pricing for Private Collaboration (14 days free trial included during sign-up - no credit card purchase necessary)

EPRIVO private email service comes with a free trial period. You can purchase life-time access for $149.99 as a one-time purchase, or get a yearly subscription (see plans below) during or after the free trial period. To make a purchase, log in to your account here or use in-app purchases on iOS/Android. To sign up, download the app and click on "New User" button in the app.

Tap on an image below to select subscription plan
  • Individual Plus

    For a single user

    $0.42/month (charged annually)  $4.99/year 
  • Family Plus

    Great value for a family – up to 5 members

    Best Value
    $0.60/month/user with 5 users (charged annually)  $35.99/year 
  • Celebrity Gold

    Get full access, exclusive features and support

    $4.17/month (charged annually)  $49.99/year 
  • Celebrity Platinum

    Add up to 5 members with full access, exclusive features and support

    $1.50/month/user with 5 users (charged annually)  $89.99/year 
  • Organization

    Up to 500 members with full access, no limitations, exclusive features and support

    $5.00/month/user (charged monthly)  $25.00/month 
EPRIVO private collaboration service offers several subscription plans, with free trial included. No credit card purchase is necessary for free private collaboration trial. Use the table below to compare features on each subscription plan.

To learn more about the importance of email privacy, please visit our blogs.