Amherst, MA, USA, June 1, 2018.

After several years of development, BlueRISC officially launches EPRIVO, its first consumer service targeting privacy. EPRIVO (Electronic Privacy Circle) pioneers email privacy for consumers with several unique privacy features and security capabilities. Key aspects include security combining physical and digital security methods and privacy management in both cloud and sender/recipient devices. Features include overall confidentiality, authentication, and integrity verification, as well as forever (continuous) sender-control such as recall, expiration,  one time view, confidential subject, From address, metadata, etc. Non-EPRIVO received emails can also be privatized in your own devices and cloud. Integrated text messaging allows for sending a notification to a recipient about a forthcoming private email. Works with existing email names as EPRIVO ID (from supported list of providers). EPRIVO is integrated with third-party  clients, webmail, and comes with its own free privacy management software on Android, iPhone, macOS, and Windows.