Pricing for Private Email Service (14 days free trial included during sign-up - no credit card purchase necessary)

EPRIVO private email service comes with a free trial period. You can purchase life-time access for ¥16,335.00 as a one-time purchase, or get a yearly subscription (see plans below) during or after the free trial period. To make a purchase, log in to your account here or use in-app purchases on iOS/Android. To sign up, download the app and click on "New User" button in the app.

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  • 個人プラス


    ¥11,853.00/month (charged annually)  ¥142,236.00/年
  • ファミリープラス

    非常にお得なファミリー向け – 5メンバーまで

    ¥3,555.92/month/user with 5 users (charged annually)  ¥213,355.00/年
  • セレブゴールド


    ¥35,577.25/month (charged annually)  ¥426,927.00/年
  • セレブプルティナム


    ¥17,790.45/month/user with 5 users (charged annually)  ¥1,067,427.00/年
  • Organization

    Up to 500 members with full access, no limitations, exclusive features and support

    ¥59,312.40/month/user (charged monthly)  ¥296,562.00/month

The company plan can be purchased by the company administrator when the administrator registers with the company's own domain.

If you are a company that is using one of the free email domains, please use one of the other consumer plans. If you have any questions, please contact us at