Many people believe that their digital content is not so sensitive and therefore their privacy is not a concern to them. Here is why that is wrong thinking.

It is simply hard to judge what is sensitive. You can lose your digital content anytime and your content may even become more sensitive over time. There are multiple points of vulnerabilities, most of which are outside your control. Your emails remain in the cloud and in the recipients’ devices, potentially forever, after being sent. Your content may be leaked anytime and anywhere along the paths an email takes, even in the future or even at your recipients.  That can happen because of weak passwords on email accounts or because of a break-in at one of the servers that store your content, or a compromise can occur at any of your recipients’ providers or their devices get hacked, to name a few reasons.

We would argue that one does not know what content deserves confidentiality, and content that is not sensitive today may become sensitive in the future. All your emails are better kept confidential and you shall retain control over them forever, just to be safe, ideally. Here is why in a bit more detail:

  • Leaking the email addresses and content of people you communicate with during a compromise. Oftentimes these emails can be used in identity thefts and to target your senders/recipients more efficiently – personal information helps create more targeted and successful attacks. EPRIVO keeps your emails confidential and even allows you to make the From address and Subject line of emails confidential everywhere in the cloud.
  • While you are not thinking your content is sensitive, would you like it being disclosed on the Internet? Would your friends and family like it? I don’t think so. Keeping all your emails with friends and family confidential protects them also from an embarrassment. A good habit may be to automatically expire all emails you send that you deem as not important. Set EPRIVO to expire them in 6 months. Case closed.
  • Things you say in emails may seem innocent today but may hurt your chances in your future endeavors, such as when applying for certain jobs or running for political office years from now. EPRIVO never stores your content but the service helps keep your emails confidential everywhere and forever. You can also use Recall feature to remove them anytime and they automatically disappear even from your recipients’ devices.
  • What about a former friend, colleague, partner, spouse, patient, client, employee, etc. you never thought would use information against you? But now they do and use what you thought were simple emails against you. EPRIVO has sender-controlled privacy where you can control the fate of all your previously sent EPRIVO private emails. With EPRIVO you can expire all emails sent to a person anytime: these emails disappear from both the cloud and their devices.
  • What about old emails that I deem today sensitive even though I didn’t at the time? Not a problem; see EPRIVO’s Privatize Non-Eprivo feature.  You can do this retroactively on any received email, independent which email address you used.

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