There is a rush to build large-scale quantum computers based on new principles leveraging quantum mechanics. Google launched a 72-qubit computer March 2018, IBM has a 50-qubit computer, and many governments and companies are heavily investing into quantum hardware designs. These computers will have unique capabilities. Assuming they will materialize at larger scales, they will be able to perform certain kinds of computations exponentially faster than even supercomputers. That means days of runtime vs. thousands of years. For example, breaking an RSA 2048-bit encryption would potentially take one day to do vs many thousands of CPU years today (that is the reason these standards are safe to use). The largest RSA key that was shown to be broken on conventional computers has only 232 digits (vs 600+ that would be needed to compromise current keys).

In the attached talk in PDF (given to computer and electrical engineering faculty) the founder of EPRIVO, Dr Csaba Andras Moritz, discusses the capabilities of quantum computations, their principles, as well as why and how they can be used to break existing digital security approaches based on RSA and ECC.


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