Read this article to learn some of the crucial tips that you can try to ensure the security and privacy of your email. Read on!

Are you one those individuals who are taking their security and privacy of their email inboxes for granted? Though you keep on checking your email, you cannot deny the fact that both the email privacy and security is often neglected. Well, that shouldn’t be the case!

Take note that according to the Sony Pictures hack, email is considered as a prime target for data thieves and hackers. You don’t want that to happen, right? Though you have a private email, there are still a number of things that you should bear in mind to keep your email secured and protected.

So, here are some of the tips that you can try:

Consider the use of two-factor authentication.

This kind of authentication has a basic principle that it combines something you already know with something that you have. Say, for instance, a debit card needs you to have both the physical card and of course the PIN for verifying your identity. If you enable this two-factor authentication, you are not relying too much on the password. And that is a good thing, especially that passwords these days are too weak.

On the other hand, for EPRIVO private email service, the process for this authentication is so simple. You only need to log in, proceed to Password and Security and click the Setup two-step verification. After enabling that, even if a hacker has your password they cannot do anything at all, not unless these hackers could steal your cellphone from you! In fact EPRIVO offers additional features such as physical security to add even more security to your emails.

Limit forwarding with EPRIVO private email.

In most cases, if there is a message sent to us and we plan to share, automatically we opt to click Forward without any second thoughts. Now, where is that message going? Who then will see it or where would it be stored? Once an email is hosted on a corporate server, there could be certain security measures to protect the sensitive information you have in your private email.

If someone forwards an internal email to someone outside the company, you are also exposing the data to possibly unsecured and unencrypted servers. And also, once you are a covered entity that sends an email with protected health information to a business associate, it only takes an employee to forward such email to an unauthorized recipient violating HIPAA. EPRIVO emails cannot be forwarded unless the sender explicitly allows it.

Establish expiration dates on private email.

Yes, a messy inbox could sometimes be annoying. However, other users don’t bother themselves much of cleaning their private email, since deleting email could only be a waste of time. Let’s say, for example, you are receiving 11 emails a day, this means that any confidential or sensitive information you send to the client might still be sitting well there for about three months.

And at that point, you can have no control of the data at all. Luckily, you can set an expiration date on your EPRIVO private email account service, so after a certain date, it would not be readable by the recipient at all or by anyone else.

Take time to understand the TOS of your service provider.

Of course, the terms of service of your email provider could tell you a lot more compared to the advertisements and media interviews. If you are a starter, they will let you know the kind of security they could offer to you.

Don’t think that service providers do have the same expectations as you. For example, Google openly passes private email through automated scanning. After reading the TOS of the service provider, you’ll realize that keeping your emails secure is not actually their priority – since that is entirely up to you. Use a private email account service instead.

You should encrypt your email content or use a private email service.

And, one of the best ways to keep your private email from hackers or thieves is to consider the use of encryption. This encryption will protect the private email by jumbling up the messages and making them impossible to decipher lest you authorize someone explicitly to read them.

Once client-side encryption is used, there is no worry because the contents of the message wouldn’t be readable if the inbox is compromised. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about the messages being intercepted after sending them, either by a hacker or by nosy service providers.

You should retain control over your email with privacy controls.

For an additional bonus, once the email ends up getting stored on the service out of your control, you have the power over who gets to see it still, and you could revoke such permission any time. This is simply a pioneering EPRIVO private email feature.

So, these are just some of the tips that are considered to be worth trying. You will surely secure and protect your private email by the above-mentioned tips!

What Are the Factors to Look Out for Choosing Private and Secure Email Service?

Apart from keeping your private email secure, you should also consider some factors once choosing a private and secure email service. Some of these factors are as follow:

  • Cost. It’s a big expectation that email must be free, but, based on how secure you want the email is, you should set aside such expectation. If you want a private email, you’re going to spend money as well. Usually, its cost might be around $50 to $100 a year. EPRIVO private email service accounts are typically at much lower cost as EPRIVO does not have to store your emails.
  • History. The history of the private email service provider must definitely be considered. Read up on their history and decide on their expertise. EPRIVO is a brand of BlueRISC Inc., in business since 2002 and a winner of many prestigious awards and inventor of 30+ patents. Started by Prof Csaba Andras Moritz, University of Massachusetts Amherst, BlueRISC sold products in 18 countries and has completed award-winning R&D for DARPA, Department of Homeland Security, NSF, USAF, Navy, OSD, and many other agencies. Furthermore, EPRIVO private email service does not store your emails. This is great as the party providing security is always best to be different from the one storing your emails. EPRIVO works with your existing email address.
  • Retain Access Control. Encryption of the emails is key but increasingly what is important is your ability to delete or control viewing in the cloud as well as in the recipients’ devices. EPRIVO’s patented technologies are the only ones to enable this capability.
  • Privatize Past Emails. EPRIVO allows you even to privatize past emails from any account!

These factors will surely help you find the best private email service, protecting your emails against any unwanted circumstance or cyber threat.

In case you need full security of your email, try out EPRIVO. It is the only service which could secure and protect your existing email address whilst adding fine privacy controls. There will be no addition of a new account. There is an assurance of physical security to even avoid vulnerabilities vs with digital security alone. And, it is at a low cost! What is not to like?

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