What Is EPRIVO Virtual Private Address?

EPRIVO virtual private address is privacy-focused and easy-to-use for private emailing with privacy controls. Emails are stored on the service in an encrypted form for 30 days with zero-knowledge encryption, for your privacy. The encryption…

What makes EPRIVO Private Email unique?

EPRIVO has several unique innovations: (i) privatizing your existing email address; (ii) privatize your old emails; (iii) adds physical security in addition to digital security; (iv) maintain a free private email account; and (v) enables sender-controlled privacy.

Is EPRIVO the best private email?

EPRIVO has several pioneering privacy features that makes it much more than encrypted email: (i) more privacy controls than ever seen on email; (ii) controls that reach both cloud and recipients’ devices; (iii) physical security…

Do support advertising?

Absolutely not. We do not support advertising or any other type of monetization other than the subscription model.

Do you have a Company Plan?

We do offer custom solutions for companies. Small organizations can also rely on the Family Plan to create private emails.