How are the sender-controlled private email features used? EPRIVO includes special privacy features that can be associated with each EPRIVO email we send. The availability of features depends on the type of subscription, but here we will discuss them in general. Importantly, these features are above the baseline privacy of email content that is always present in the cloud as well as in the sender/recipient devices.

EPRIVO Private Email Controls

  1. Set expiration in private email: You can set a time in the future when you want an email to expire, which means that the recipient will not be able to view the email you send beyond that time. When is this feature useful? We can set an expiration date when sending a sensitive email that does not need to be accessible after an initial timeframe because there is simply no reason for it to be. It may be a good habit to set a 6-month expiration, for example. The recipient is unlikely to notice; and will be unable to see that a particular email has an expiration date set.
  2. One-time view private email: You can send an email that can only be viewed once before it expires. This feature can be useful for exchanging information of short-term interest that is sensitive and does not need to be kept/archived.
  3. No forwarding: When this feature is set a recipient cannot forward the email body to any party outside the original email list. Setting it ensures that sensitive information in email bodies is not leaked outside the original recipients – again, as was intended by the sender.
  4. Privatized sender: This option enables the sender (From) address to be made private once the recipient has seen the email once. It hides the From address in the cloud as well as in third-party email programs. Its main benefit is in preventing the From information from leaking the email address that the user wants to keep private. Allowing a first view in plaintext enables the recipient to identify the origin of an email when accessed in third-party email programs.
  5. Privatized subject line: This feature ensures that the subject line is confidential in the cloud and is kept private. While email content is always private in EPRIVO, sometimes we want to have the subject line available so the recipient can see the reason for the email. At other times, we simply want to make sure that the email is completely private everywhere, both in the cloud and in third-party email programs. Nevertheless, the recipient, upon proper authentication and authorization, can see the subject line in the EPRIVO Privacy Manager (similar to viewing email content). Email content and subject line (if feature is selected) stay confidential everywhere else, however.
  6. Privatized metadata associated with private email: This option privatizes all metadata associated with an email. If set, the email metadata only becomes accessible, upon proper authentication and authorization, in the recipient’s Privacy Manager but is not accessible anywhere else. This premium feature hides the metadata in the cloud associated with the origin and path of an email as well as other information. Metadata privatization occurs once the email is received and read once in any of the recipient devices. Its main use is in protecting extra sensitive emails fully and permanently.

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