EPRIVO is a BlueRISC brand/DBA that develops user-friendly digital privacy solutions for consumers, starting with EPRIVO email. Started by Prof. Csaba Andras Moritz, UMass Amherst, in 2002, BlueRISC has since performed R&D and developed and sold cyber-security solutions worldwide. BlueRISC works on cutting-edge hardware and software R&D security challenges with many agencies, e.g., DARPA and the Department of Homeland Security, and sold its products to customers in 20 countries. Its projects involve automatic detection of software vulnerabilities, self-healing of embedded software, memory forensics and reverse engineering post cyber-attacks, detection of hardware Trojans, and protection solutions involving secure microprocessors. Building on its extensive experience, BlueRISC embarked on a strategy to address consumer privacy needs with its EPRIVO brand, working diligently during several years to bring EPRIVO to fruition. Our hope is that you will find the EPRIVO services and software as exciting, timely, and critical, as we do.